Shona Caughey Retires after 40 Years of Mandolin Playing

Shona Caughey has donated her beautiful Liuto (made in 1982 by Raffaele Calace's grandson Raffaele Calace Jr, who also gave her a 1908 mandolin made by his grandfather, in Naples) to the Auckland Mandolinata Orchestra after over 40 years of playing in a variety of mandolin ensembles.

Shona has been the voice and face of the orchestra on radio and television for many years and gave our music depth and tone. Her commitment and expertise was an encouragement to all players and we wish her well in her retirement from us and her time with her supportive husband, Bill.

Shona with Calace Jr and her new Liuto Moderno, Naples 1982

Read about Shona's recollection on playing with various groups.

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